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Buddha Wall Panel Serene Butterfly Wall Panel - Oak Tone Finish Wood Shower/Spa Bath Mat - Natural Teak Oil Finish 20" x 16" Big Twist Wood Stool
Buddha Wall Panel Serene
Product Price: $379.00
Teak Spa Mat - Natural Teak Oil Finish
Product Price: $106.00

20" x 16" Big Twist Wood Stool
Product Price: $332.00

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Teak Spa Shelf  - Natural Teak Oil Finish Hand Carved Buddha Wall Panel Pacceka 48" x 48" Lotus Flower Wood Wall Panel 20" x 16" Windows Wood End Table
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Natural Wood Decor

Welcome to NaturalWoodDecor.com! We carry decor made from a variety of different natural woods including acacia wood furniture, root wood, teak wood furniture, and mango wood. All of our wood is made from regulated farmed forests as well as from the roots of trees that have long since passed. Each wood product is finished with natural oils or food-safe lacquers to protect them and preserve their natural beauty over time.

Some of our top selling categories include our teak bath decor, natural wood stools and our wood wall art. Our selection of products are handpicked for their unique designs and we pride ourselves in only selling products that we would use in our own home. In fact, several of our best selling products including our wood twist stools, buddha wall panel and our teak towel ladder get regular use at the Forrest residence. Next on our list of favorites is the recently popular wood cheese board. Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to doing business with you soon!