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Caring for Natural Wood Furniture & Decor

So you’ve purchased some natural wood furniture—what now? In order to enjoy your furniture for as long as possible, some care is necessary. While some woods are great for outdoor use and may need very little upkeep, others may need application of natural oils or finishes to extend their lifetime and may only be suited to indoor life.

Mango Wood Products

Mango wood furniture is often made from softer wood closer to the core of the tree, so it’s more vulnerable to outdoor weather. Mango wood doesn’t hold up as well in prolonged inclement weather, so you should probably limit use to indoors. At Natural Wood Decor we carry a lot of stools and tables made of mango wood - these are finished with oil and the oil does not need to be reapplied. Our kitchen and dining items are also made of mango wood and you will not need to reapply a finish or oil to them.

Teak Wood Products

Teak is thought to be one of the strongest woods in the world, and is highly durable. Because it’s practically impervious to water, it’s an ideal material to use in very damp areas, like a spa or bathroom, or outdoors. Our teak is as close to maintenance free as you can get. It resists mold or mildew and will maintain its beauty whether natural or oil finished. To maintain the oil finished look is no different than polishing your wood furniture. Every few months simply apply teak oil to the surface of your product with a cloth. This process takes only a few minutes and will renew the finish on your teak product.

Natural teak oil is also water resistant and effectively preserves the wood it’s applied to. Teak oil will evaporate over time and may need to be reapplied seasonally, depending on the moisture content of its surrounding atmosphere. When applying teak oil, wipe it off as soon as you have finished oiling it. Do not let the teak oil sit; it will load up on the teak and leave a waxy finish. Of course, at any time you can choose to let the teak age naturally. In time the teak oil will dissipate and the teak’s natural oil content will continue to ward off mold and mildew. 

Monkey Pod Wood (Acacia) Products

Monkey pod wood comes from another tropical tree, and though it’s very strong it’s not as water resistant as teak, so it’s best to use your monkey pod furniture and accents indoors.

The tung oil that is used on some of our wood furniture is highly resistant to moisture and won’t darken over time. It offers a protective barrier against water, stains, abrasion and wear.