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Wood Home Decor

Sustainable wood vases come in many sizes and shapes. Place a tall or short root wood vase on a mantel or side table in your living room to add warmth and light. Place a sustainable wood vase in hallways and landings to brighten up dark corners. These also look great on shelves. For some variety, pair a tall natural wood vase with a short one, or a smooth vase with a patterned one, creating depth and contrast in an instant. These vases are great as wood accents that will complement other wood pieces in your space, drawing the eye to the natural elements in the room.

Made from sustainable woods, our wood vases are eco-friendly accents that are wonderfully versatile. They are hand-carved and finished by Thailand artisans to benefit local communities. Each piece has a unique pattern and color to contribute to your home.

Skillfully hand-turned by expert artisans from highly variable reclaimed roots and stumps, these urns and vases are each unique works of art. Some are smooth with Birdseye grain, while some have deep rifts and gnarled knots, or combinations of both. Great by themselves or in decorative groups, these spectacular pieces are true examples of the beauty of nature.

Wood Home Decor

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