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Natural Wood Finishes

Livos Oil

Livos Oil: Livos is leading the way in environmentally responsible wood finishes. With more than ten oil based finishes for every type of wood, Livos is a great resource when finishing the wood in your home. Whether covering super absorbent woods or naturally hard wood, there is an option for every texture. The high shine but naturally repellent oil will keep your woods protected, while emphasizing their natural beauty. LIVOS products are biologically degradable, sustainable, emit no or low VOC´s and are harmless, even in direct contact with humans, animals and plants. The Livos Oil that is applied to all of our stools, tables, wall panels and mirrors is a natural enviromentally friendly oil that is safe and creates a water resistant surface. The livos oil on our products is applied by hand over the course of a few days to seal and protect the woods surface.

Teak Tree Flowering

Teak Oil: Teak oil is derived from teak wood, which is naturally so strong that it virtually needs no maintenance. Wood with teak finishing can be left out year round and can rough even the toughest environmental conditions. Natural teak oil can work as a preservative that is naturally impervious to water, even in heavy amounts. It is incredibly durable but will maintain the natural tone and design of any type of wood. Teak oil will, however, evaporate over time and to keep the same look must be applied seasonally depending on the placement of the piece. Outdoors the sun's UV will dry the oil faster and it must be applied more often, as the teak wood will develope a gray patina as it weathers and ages outdoors.

Tung Oil Tree

Tung Oil: Tung oil is pressed from the seeds of the nuts from the tung tree. It naturally provides a highly water-resistant finish and is tougher than other natural oils. Tung oil is described as leaving a "wetted-wood" look, leaving more of a shine that further enhances the natural wood finish. Unlike the similar linseed oil, tung oil will not darken after time and is resistant to mold. Thus, tung oil is an environmentally way to keep your wood its natural color. Pure Tung Oil contains no thinners or driers and has a light nutty odor. The thin, transparent oil penetrates deep into wood pores, forming an almost permanent seal against moisture because it never loses its elasticity. Tung Oil is the world's oldest and best wood preservative.  Tung Oil offers a protective barrier against water, stains, abrasions and wear.