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Sustainable Wood Stools

All of our wood stools are hand carved from sustainably harvested acacia, mango, or monkey pod trees. One of the most distinctive styles is the twist collection with long wrapped wooden arches that connect the top to the base. All stools are finished with eco-friendly stains including walnut oil, white wash and tung oil. Each wood stool has it's own special design and characteristics so you can be sure there is no other piece in the world that is like the one you purchase.

Give your artwork the attention it deserves by displaying it on a sustainable wood stool. Cluster a few together to show off pieces that complement each other, or contrast the colors in the artwork with those of the wood stool. Our sustainable wood stools come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, which can be mixed and matched to add variety to your display.

Wood stools are sturdy and dependable, so don’t be afraid to prominently display them in any room. They are easy to move around and rearrange. Small sustainable wood stools are the perfect size for use in your bathroom and other small spaces where you’d like to add some artistic flair. Rather than buying shelving and display cases made from less sustainable materials, showcase your favorite art pieces with beautiful, natural wood stools.

Click here to view our guide on choosing the correct stool height.

Wood Stools

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